This is a series featuring a wide range of drawings. Some are more of my labor intensive and some being quick, loose sketches.  However, despite the time put into the piece, I hold all of my drawings at the same level of value because they all accomplish one thing - they record. Including all of the artistic expressions I practice, drawing is my favorite.  To me it is the simplest and rawest method of transferring images I see and process to paper.  The idea of recording images, words and experiences is one of the key motivators that inspires most of my work.  I am obsessed with holding onto things and, in doing so, I can interpret their meanings and the explore the implications they may have for the future.

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  • Still life
  • Foot
  • 1 minute contour sketches
  • 1 minute contour sketches
  • Cloth king
  • In motion
  • blind contour backbend
  • Projector Shadows
  • Side by Side
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